Linking Systems of Care Virginia

Pilot Sites


The Virginia Victimization Screen (VVS)  is a brief screening tool that can be used by a variety of professionals across systems to identify children and youth who have experienced victimization and/or been exposed to violence.  In order to evaluate the reliability and validity of the VVS,  two communities, Charlottesville City/Albemarle County and Washington County,  piloted the VVS and accompanying training manual and module in 2017.  Two additional communities, Alexandria and Newport News/Hampton, are currently serving as second wave pilot sites.

Wave 2 Project Pilot Sites

Four agencies in the City of Alexandria and three agencies in the Cities of Hampton and Newport News piloting the VVS:

Alexandria Pilot Agencies/Organizations                                            

Hampton/Newport News Pilot Agencies/Organizations

Goals of the pilot phase include training front-line service providers to effectively administer the VVS; providing consistent support to all pilot site partners; facilitating additional topic-specific trainings based on pilot partner needs in order to enhance the knowledge and expertise of VVS administrators; evaluating the training and VVS administration process for successes and challenges; and collecting qualitative/quantitative data based on the VVS from pilot partners.