Linking Systems of Care Virginia

Linking Systems of Care

Linking Systems of Care (LSC) for Children and Youth is a statewide demonstration initiative funded by the United States Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, Office for Victims of Crime. The goal of the project is to identify children and youth who have had crimes committed against them and to address the potential serious and long-lasting consequences of exposure to crime. The project gives Virginia an opportunity to collaboratively create, strengthen, and improve the coordination of services provided by the many child and youth-serving systems to ensure that:

  1. children are screened for victimization;
  2. children, youth and families are provided comprehensive and coordinated
    services to fully address their needs; and
  3. policies and practices are established to sustain this
    approach long-term

The most unique part of this project is that its focus is on early identification and intervention-to lessen the impact of trauma, reduce the risk of further victimization and prevent involvement in juvenile or adult criminal justice systems.